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The WPC Future Leaders Board of Directors engages youth in the oil and gas industry through collaborative global forums.


March 2004


Calgary, AB

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We're developing a network of talented, young professionals in energy by enabling knowledge sharing and professional development opportunities with energy leaders

Dedicated to continuous industry improvement the World Petroleum Council (WPC) has been the world’s premier oil and gas forum helping to catalyse and facilitate dialogue amongst stakeholders to find sustainable solutions to key energy issues, since 1933. The WPC vision is to enhance the understanding and public image of the oil and gas sector’s contribution to sustainable development to benefit mankind. With more than 65 member countries involved this represents over 95% of global oil and gas production and consumption.
With an established and reputable presence the WPC also recognizes the unique qualities of young professionals and the value they bring to solving today’s energy issues. Active thinking, sensitivity to new issues and a powerful innovative potential are vitally important to the future of the petroleum industry – thus in 2004 the WPC Youth Committee was established.
Each forum provides young professionals ages 20-35, current leaders, industry experts and students a space where they can express their opinions, meet other professionals from the industry and share viewpoints with senior representatives from the oil and gas sector.


To foster globally responsible resource development by being a leader in building
tomorrow's energy leaders.
  • To link generations to facilitate dialogue
  • To further career development by collaborating with energy professionals
  • To provide an educational forum for responsible resource development
  • To promote Canadian energy literacy


  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainable
  • Open and balanced in our dialogue
  • Ethical
  • Educational
  • Diverse and inclusive


  • 1. Establish a talented team
  • 2. Develop a tactical plan
  • 3. Develop governance
  • 4. Grow our membership
  • 5. Grow our partners
  • 6. Increase executive and future leader collaboration 
  • 7. Increase international participation
  • 8. Be sustainable
  • 9. Increase brand awareness
  • 10. Past Events


  • Documentary screenings
  • Annual Summit
  • Debates
  • International speaker series
  • Photo contest
  • Develop opportunity for ENGO dialogue

The Committee was actively engaged in contributing to the 19th World Petroleum Congress and played a crucial role by putting together a wide range of interesting youth activities which made up the Youth Program.

Young professionals and students interested in actively participating in the oil and gas industry, found a space in which they were able to express their opinions, meet other professionals from the industry and share viewpoints with senior representatives of the petroleum sector and top executives from the world’s leading oil and gas companies.

The 2nd WPC Youth Forum was held on the 18-20 November 2009 in Paris. Under the theme of “Energize your Future” it provided an innovative approach to the challenges and opportunities facing the oil and gas industry. In November 2010 we hosted the 3rd WPC Youth Forum in New Delhi. Over 500 young people under 35 participated at the Fuel the Youth event and in the online discussions and competitions, where the best teams and individuals competed for prizes of up to $5,000 each and a trip to India. The WPC Canada Future Leaders Board of Directors encourages all member countries to actively promote and involve young people in their activities and leadership, be it by nominating a youth from their country to join the National Committee or by forming a their own national Committee to engage with young people in their companies and their country on an ongoing basis.

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